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It was our first time ever going to India. There were so many places we wanted to visit and sights we wanted to see. Luckily, Tiwari Tours made everything happen for us. They allowed us to plan our trip and took care of all the logistics. Everyone working with Tiwari Tours was very accommodating, from all of the tour guides to Hariom and Pandit Tiwari. It really was the trip of a lifetime. We got to experience the majesty of the Taj Mahal in Agra, the hustle of the streets of Mumbai, the extraordinary history of Jaipur, the wonder of the Ganges in Varanasi and Rishikesh, and the thrill of tracking wild elephants on a safari in Rajaji National Park! If you want to behold the splendor that is India, then Tiwari Tours is the tour group for you!

Tampa, Florida May


Well I must say thanks so much for all the happy moments our group had with you. It was indeed aHistory and a remarkable time we had in your country India. This trip was very precious to me, I would treasure all the special time all the places we have visited in the two weeks. I must say it was indeed a wonderful trip, we laugh, cry because of happy moments at the Ganga Arati.We did the Golden Triangle Jaipur to Agra and Delhi, also Big Bombay the Bollywood. of the stars. The Taj Mahal was magnificent memory , also the Elephant ride in Jaipur. The Birthplace of our precious blue boy Lord Krishna, Mathura and Vrindavan. The bath in the Sangam going with the boat that morning was a touching monent,also Ganga Aarti with the boat I would always remember, not forget all the temples we visit the VishwanathTemple. In Hardiwar the Mansa Devi Temple and special Aarti was another precious moments. In Rishikesh was one of my special memory when we take a bath in the flowing Ganga was a wonderful time, I have water and some stones from the ganges I will keep I do have some earth. I must say thank you so much it was so organise trip, lots to eat drink to much food. Thank you so much to have the special night of Bajans and songs also snacks and wine. We were so lucky for beautiful hotels and good stay, not forget our trip to the airport Happy Holi we had fun playing with the flower petals and colours of powders, it was fun. Thank you Pandit Tiwari for our stay in The Holiest City etc. May god bless you,

March 2010


Hi Pandit ji thanks so much for making our vacation a wonderful time we all have a enjoyable time everlasting one we can express how much we appreiciate


March 2010


Greetings from Minnesota!!!
How have you been? I missed you guys very much. I have been dreaming about you all on the trip. It has been a very wonderful tour and one of the best time in my whole life that I spent in India. You are a very great person and have great personalities and you will do very well in your life. The times I spent in India and with you guys will be a life long memories and that will never changed. Hope you and your families had an enjoyable Phagwah!! Mine was OK, not too much to do. my daughter was leaving for college that day, so I couldn't make to Mandir. Anyways, you take good care of yourself and stay handsome :) Thanks for all you do, for us in India and may God always Blessed you, Bye for now!!!!!

Once again, Greetings from Minnesota!!
We have been talking about our trip to India everyday. It has become our daily conversation with one an other. You are wonderful and a great tour leader and people like you made our trip very fun and enjoyable. THANKS VERY MUCH!!!! Take care of yourself and families!! Bye for now!!!

September 2012


Thank you very much for all you have done in India to help make our stay very pleasurable, (even though we have to get up at 4AM sometimes) interesting, and informative. Yes I am also back at work today but missing you and the rest of our very good and pleaseant group's company, site seeing and most of all shopping. I think I might have to take a yearly trip with Pandit Ji.
I do not know if you have a survey form to complete, I am trying to download whatever you sent but without any success so I decided to write to you.
From my experience being first time travelling with a group of people some of whom I did not know. I think travel arrangements; if possible, seating should be booked in advance so that the group can sit together and not at the back of the plane. This should start with the departing flight from USA, all the domestic flights and also the returning flight to US. This will help the first timers like myself to be at ease and comfortable travelling. I was lucky that I have some of my relatives travelling and I've known Pandit Ji for a long time so it was not difficult for me. I think it will be a good opportunity for the people travelling in the group to get to know each other and can help those who needs help (eg. Uncle in our group)
It was indeed a great pleasure and a wonderful experience to travel and visit India, the birth place of our ancestors and lineage and to learn more of their way of living and customs. The visit to India gives a sense of completeness especially after reading about those ancient place of sanctity in our holy scriptures. I would visit again and I will encourage others to do so to experience a sense of fulfillnes and belonging.

I have said and written more than enough to bore you. So here is where I will take your leave,my Pranaam and so long. Stay well and stay in touch. Regards

September 2012


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